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Clean & Wash Kit


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NEW 2015 gift idea for Swissvax users.

Finally having plenty of the right towels at hand in a practical duffle bag. Swissvax users love it! 

Swissvax's popular Clean & Wash kit containing all the right towels and wash tools. A great gift idea, too!


Included in the kit:


1x Micro-Fluffy Microfiber polishing cloth, red border

1x Micro-Fluffy Microfiber polishing cloth, grey border

1x Micro-Dry Microfiber drying cloth

1x Micro-Polish (blue) Microfiber cloth for painted, glass and touchscreen surfaces

1x Micro-Absorb (rose) Microfiber cloth

1x Micro-Wash (yellow) Microfiber cleaning cloth for rims

1x Micro-Glass-Kit (white), 2 Microfiber cloth for glass-cleaning

2x Cotton applicators (white)

1x Smart Bucket, Swissvax's clever 20 litre collapsible bucket that fits even behind the smallest seats of a roadster.

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