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Festool SHINEX RAP 150


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The Festool Shinex RAP150 Rotary Polisher is a very high quality rotary polisher that is amazingly light, making it ideal for the professional car detailer or extreme enthusiast who wants the very best.

Developed especially with the professional detailer in mind, with many new unique design features that make the Shinex a pleasure to use for extended periods of time. The compact 1200W motor provides more than enough power and the newly developed double reduction gearing and with the variable speed trigger, you are always in control. The slow start of 400rpm is perfect for even the most delicate polishing job.

Packaged with a removable handle and pleasant soft-grip material, the Shinex gives you ultimate control. The spindle distance has been shortened to give the operator more feel and sensitive feedback from the polishing surface promoting better pad control and a more even contact area with the paint surface ensuring a defect free finish. The integrated heat sink ensures pleasant grip temperatures by directing the heat away from the grip areas allowing for comfortable extended use. All this is packaged into a machine that weighs just 2.1kg, making it one of the lightest polishers available on the market.

The Shinex is designed to work with the Festool 150mm and 80mm pads. The machine is shipped with a 125mm backing plate perfect for the traditional 6” pads. The Festool spindle lock allows for quick changeover of the backing plate with no tools required.

This Festool power tool comes with a 1+2 guarantee. The standard 1-year warranty is extended by 2 years to a total of 3 years simply by completing the warranty form that comes with the tool and returning it to FESTOOL within 30 days of the date of purchase. You will receive a warranty registration certificate that will cover repairs, parts and labour, should the tool require them, for 3 years from the date of purchase for your power tool.

Speed - Rotary: 400-2100 rpm

Power: 1200W - 240V

Size: 125mm dia to suit 6" pad

Weight: 2.1kg

Misc: 4m fixed power cable

Thread Size: 14mm

Available: Delivered or W.A Pick Up Only

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