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Rupes LHR21E Bigfoot


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The new Big Foot polisher is an amazing tool that enables you to obtain excellent results in no time. FEWER steps, LESS time, LESS compound consumption and GREATER profits. 
The LHR21E uses a massive 21mm orbit in a lightweight body that is easy to use.

. Holograms are micro scratches made by traditional polishers: the new random orbital polisher does not leave holograms and enable excellent results in a single step.

. Polishing has always been considered an operation that requires experience and skill. Inexperience may result in surfaces damage and a poor finish. The New LHR21E, with its random orbital action, enables less experienced operators to achieve professional results. 

The goal of operators has always been achieving two results: gloss and colour depth. In designing its polishers, RUPES has taken these requirements into account to allow operators to achieve unique and extraordinary results.

4x Pads and 2x 1L Rupes Polishing Compounds included.

 Part Number: LHR21E

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