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New customer? Please be assured that we only ever book one new car detail per day with some vehicles requiring extended bookings to fully machine polish & protect paintwork. If you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation please contact us today.

Existing customer? With our exclusive mobile car detailing services you can expect the usual time efficient bookings maintaining & protecting your vehicle to an exceptional standard.

*Please be advised we require a 25% deposit to secure all new bookings.


FROM $200

Exclusive Car Detailing

Maintenance Detailing

Never miss a car detail again with our exclusive monthly maintenance package!

Exclusive mobile car detailing services are designed around you and your daily driver or private collection of vehicles. The ideal package for all luxury daily driven vehicles looking to be regularly maintained & protected. We come to you weekly - bi-weekly or monthly.

There are many options we can discuss that best suit your vehicles needs, from initial treatment and protection details to on-going maintenance services, we will professionally detail, maintain and protect your vehicles for life.


How does it work?

1. We are fully mobile available 7 days a week ... WE COME TO YOU!

2. Select a *package.

-       1. Up to 2 vehicles detailed = $400.00 pcm SAVE 20%

-       2. Upto 4 vehicles detailed = $700.00 pcm SAVE 30%

-       3. Up to 8 vehicles detailed = $1200.00 pcm SAVE 60%

3. Contact us today to book a free friendly consultation with no obligation to secure a booking.


We just brought our perfect maintenance package to your entire garage!

*All packages are charged pcm in advance with no lock in contract.

FROM $275

Introduction Detail

Entry Level Car Detail

Give your car a refresh with the perfect entry level car detail. This package is the ideal choice for premium, high-end luxury & performance vehicles that are used mainly on weekends. It’s also a great option as a Pre-Sale Detail to prepare your vehicle ready for sale.

Ask us about Exclusive Car Detailing, mobile car detailing services designed around you and your daily driver or private collection of vehicles. 

FROM $550

Complete Detail

Complete Clean + Detail

  • Interior Clean & Detail
  • Full Vacuum & Shampoo
  • Fabric & Leather Protection
  • Paintwork Decontamination
  • Complementary Engine Detail

A complete (full) car detail that provides you’re vehicle with immaculate presentation. At this level of detail we asses your paintwork and advise accordigly based on the level of paint correction required to achive a high level of finish to you vehicle.

If your vehile is relativly new or you would simply just like to enhance the overall visual apperance, we can complete a single stage machine polish as part of this service for a total price of $825.00. 


FROM $1650

Competition Detail

Concours Events

  • Complete Car Detailing
  • Engine Detail & Protection
  • Leather Glaze, Cleaner & Treatment
  • Fabric & Surface Protection
  • Paintwork is Machine Polished
  • Swissvax Crystal Rock Application
  • Concours Event Detail

Transform your vintage, classic or restored vehicle to as good as new in condition with a luxury Concours Event treatment detail.

Paintwork is thoroughly decontaminated, machine polished and sealed with a single application of the finest wax available, Swissvax Crystal Rock. Bodywork trim & wheels are also treated & protected with Swissvax.

FROM $1650

New Car Detail

New Car Protection

  • Introduction Detail (As Listed)
  • Leather Glaze, Cleaner & Treatment
  • Fabric & Surface Protection
  • Engine Detail & Protection
  • Swissvax Paint Protection
  • Swissvax Wheel Protection
  • Windscreen Glass Coating
  • Convertible Waterproofing (if required)

The complete new car protection detail that provides long-term vehicle protection against all weather & driving conditions. Your new vehicle is fully protected with Swissvax high performance car care inside & out.

FROM $2750

Paintwork Correction

Expert Machine Polishing

  • Exterior Detail & Vehicle Inspection (Paint & Bodywork Assessment)
  • Paintwork Decontamination (Removal of bonded & embedded contaminants)
  • Surface Preparation (Paintwork is thoroughly prepared for machine polishing)
  • Paintwork is fully Machine Polished through various stages (Paintwork Restoration)
  • Permanent removal of all surface imperfections (Scratches, Swirl Marks, Holograms & Marring)
  • Paintwork is then sealed and protected (Advised accordingly on the use of your vehicle)

Paintwork Correction is a paintwork re-conditioning process achieved through various stages of machine polishing. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

This allows us to check & record paint depth readings, which is essential and also provides every potential client with a thorough understanding of what can be achieved.


FROM $1495

Paint Protection PTFE

Swissvax Endurance

  • Paintwork Decontamination (Removal of bonded & embedded contaminants)
  • Surface Preparation (Paintwork is pre-treated with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid)
  • Machine Polishing & Paint Correction (Advised Accordingly)
  • Swissvax Autobahn PTFE Wheel Protection (Exclusive Product)
  • Swissvax Endurance PTFE Application (Exclusive Product)
  • Provides approximately 18 + months Paint Protection

Containing PTFE and 40% Carnauba by volume, Swissvax Endurance offers unparalleled durability and paint protection - up to 18 months depending on driving conditions - as well as imparting a deep, reflective gloss to your paintwork.

Colours are brightened and enhanced and flake pops out to greet the sun. Your paint will have a smooth, silky feel and thanks to the carefully-formulated recipe dirt and contamination will struggle to grip onto your car, making regular washing much easier.

Swissvax Endurance with PTFE is a highly durable wax designed for long lasting paint protection. It is an extra long lasting wax designed for tough Paint Protection on all vehicles.

*Complementary Perfect Vision Windscreen Coating that provides water repellence & durability of up to 6 months or approximately 10,000 km.

FROM $1650

State-of-the-art Glaze

Swissvax Crystal Rock

  • Paintwork Decontamination (Removal of bonded & embedded contaminants)
  • Surface Preparation (Paintwork is pre-treated with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid)
  • Machine Polishing & Paint Correction (Advised Accordingly)
  • Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax Application (State-of-the-art Carnauba-Glaze)
  • Provides approximately 18 + months Paint Protection

With 76% by wax volume of pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, this wax has one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market.

In effect, it coats a car's paintwork in a smooth and glossy, tough and protective water-repellent film - and even brings a shine to white and silver.

A layer of Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax can last up to 18 months and can be "topped up" with additional layers for increased long-term protection. When exposed to water Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax swells and closes its pores.

A State-of-the-art Carnauba Glaze that produces outstanding visual appearance & paint protection.




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