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Fabric Protection

From $165

Fabric Protection

Treatments for interior surfaces & convertible soft-tops

Long-term surface protection designed for both interior & exterior fabric and textile surfaces. Creates a protective surface barrier that repels liquids, effectively waterproofing & protecting all fabrics for years!

This textile surface protection is suitable for all fabrics, carpets, floor mats & fabric seats & convertible waterproofing.


Leather Treatment

From $330

Leather Treatment

Complete care & protection for leather interiors

Preserves & protects leather interior surfaces maintaining a fresh new look! This professional Swissvax treatment thoroughly cleans, softens & protects leather interiors allowing for easy maintenance.

We can also arrange for badly damaged & torn interior to be repaired.


Windscreen Coating

From $99

Windscreen Coating

Exceptional level of water repellence and clarity

Perfect Vision glass coating will keep your glass cleaner for longer and makes driving in the rain much safer and easier. Its also perfect for your glass on misty winter mornings helping to avoid the mist and condensation build up to increase visibility.

This is not a hardening type glass product. It can be applied to the front windshield only, or all exterior glass.

Provides durability of up to 6 months or approximately 10,000 km.


Engine Detailing

From $275

Engine Detailing

Complete engine bay care & protection

Effective, thorough & gentle engine cleaning process without any negative side effects neither affecting plastic parts nor exposed electrical components. Also protects rubber seals & hoses keeping them pliable preventing cracking over time. Exposed surfaces that are treated & protected will also help repel dust & dirt to maintain a factory look. 

The age, condition and level of detailing to your engine bay area will determine the correct procedure & timeframe.


Wheel Protection

From $550

Wheel Protection

Long-term protection that minimizes cleaning time

A Carnauba wheel wax enhanced with PTFE specially developed for the care and protection needs of automobile wheels.

Swissvax Autobahn provides a smooth shine and long-term protection for your wheels by repelling brake dust particles as well as other contamination. Minimizes the time required to clean the wheels thanks to its non-stick properties.

Safe for aluminium, polished aluminium, magnesium, clear coat and painted wheels, it is also safe on all painted brake calipers.


Matt Finish Paint

From $1495

Matt Finish Paint

Paint Protection for Satin Matt Paints

A premium wax specially developed for all satin matt paintwork types (incl. foils) with 40 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba. Conventional polishes, waxes and insect removers should not be used on matt paintwork, they will most likely cause damage.

We use Swissvax Opaque Wax, a specifically developed Paint Protection product for matt paintwork that will not damage the matt surface appearance. Swissvax Opaque wax is a premium wax for all satin matt paintwork types (including foils) and is available at SupaDetail.



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