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Engine Detailing

Engine Bay Care & Protection.

Our professional engine bay cleaning & detailing offers a thorough & effective gentle engine cleaning process without any negative side effects, neither affecting plastic parts nor electrical components. We all know that engines vary on performance, but they also vary very visually too.

These days modern vehicles tend to have the majority of the engine bay area covered up with plastic guarding & molds. Where as the older vintage & classic type as well as custom builds have more exposed areas with most of the components being visual immediately underneath the bonnet. This is usually the case with many custom engine rebuilds used in show cars, which can have a vast amount of chrome parts on display.

Here is an example of an Aston Martin DBS V12 engine professionally detailed & protected.

Prices start from $275.00 per vehicle.

Engine -detail -perth -dbs

Engine Cleaning & Detailing. 

If required, your engine bay area may need to be pressure washed beforehand or steam cleaned in particular areas only. This will provide a deeper clean and allow effective use of all protection & surface finishing products. We use a gentle Swissvax engine cleaner concentrate mixed with water to the desired correct ratio, which is directly sprayed on the surface areas to be cleaned. To clean plain surface areas we use a gentle wash towel and a soft brush hard to reach areas in and around exposed parts.

Here is an example of two very different engine bays we have detailed & protected, a classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow V8 with almost every noticeable component and moving part on display, and a modern high performance Mercedes AMG V8, which due to the layout is much easier to work on in specific areas that are more accessible.

Rolls -Royce -Engine -Detail

Engine -detail -sls

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