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Creating SupaNova Snow-Foam!

Operating as professional detailers, snow-foaming has provided a much safer & efficient way to maintain paintwork improving the way we approach exterior detailing overall. Over time this has led us to gain a much more in-depth understanding of what makes this unique car wash process so good!

At SupaDetail we are always aiming to improve & perfect our car wash technique & drying procedure to be as kind to your vehicle as possible. To further adapt we set out to make this even better by creating our own unique snow-foam car wash formula.

We wanted high-performance, fast acting (quick break down) but gentle cleaning capabilities that would provide much safer, easier and effective results by loosening and dissolving road grime, without any negative side effects.

Alternative snow-foam branded detergents do offer fairly good generic cleaning & foaming capabilities, but often can be too harsh for premium automotive paintwork coatings.


To formulate our signature active snow-foam wash we carried out extensive product testing right here in Perth, Western Australia.

Supa Nova Car Care Perth

SupaNova is our signature active snow-foam formulated to safely loosen, dissolve & remove mild road grime and heavier dirt build up without harming your vehicles paintwork finish, and its premium wax and ceramic coating safe.

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