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Winter Car Care

Winter Car Care.

When winter arrives it is recommended to increase the protection levels to the interior & exterior of your vehicle. The cold weather unfortunately means rain so daily driven vehicles may require maintaining more often. I.e. 4 weekly customers often request 2 or 3 weekly details to maintain a high level of care.

One of the biggest issues in the winter months is windscreens, from misting up on cold mornings to failing to stay clean for long enough in-between washes. To ensure your glass remains thoroughly clean for longer, we offer a unique water & dirt repellent glass coating … Perfect Vision Windscreen Coating.

This windscreen coating creates a strong water repellent effect, dramatically increasing visibility when driving in the rain leaving glass easy to clean. Its also perfect for your glass on misty mornings helping to avoid the mist and condensation build up. Providing a durability of up to 6 months or approximately 10,000 km it can be applied to the front windshield only or all exterior glass.

Prices start from $198.00 per vehicle.

Alfa 4Cwash

Increasing the protection levels throughout your vehicle, i.e. additional layers of wax will increase durability and further assist with the self-cleaning effect to the vehicle paintwork & wheels. A premium quality wax or sealant combined with correct maintenance will ensure your current paintwork finish will survive the winter months.

Existing customers with our exclusive maintenance packages receive up to 25% off additional services. To keep your vehicle looking cleaner for longer, discuss your current maintenance package on your next booking or send through an email to find out more about increasing protection levels on your vehicle.

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