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Touchless Car Washing

Reducing the risk of damage to paintwork.

A snow foam wash is an almost touchless car washing process that reduces the risk of wash induced scratches & micro marring to lessen the risk of harming the paintwork sealant or coating. Allowing the snow foam to dwell on the surface of the paint increases its cleaning ability and avoids unnecessary paintwork damage.

Snow -Foam -1

Depending on the vehicle usage in most cases it is only used as an extensive pre-wash to thoroughly remove & loosen dirt particles that have adhered to the paintwork. Thoroughly high pressure rinsed beforehand and after the initial foam wash we then proceed to wash your vehicle via the two bucket wash method with an even lesser chance of inducing swirls and wash marks.

Snow -Foam -4

Other than visual appearance, one of the main advantages from well-maintained paintwork is the increased durability and longevity of your chosen paint protection application.

Snow -Foam -5

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