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Thermal Air Drying

Air Drying Paintwork, Glass, Bodywork Trims & Wheels

By using a hand held thermal air dryer we are able to effectively dry paintwork, glass, bodywork trims & wheels without harming protective coatings & sealants that have been professionally applied to various parts of your vehicle.

This is the safest way to dry all types of car paintwork, glass, bodywork trims & wheels and completely eliminates chances of marring & scratching to paintwork finishes by removing the majority of excess water.

It also means no more unnecessary streaking and water spotting and no more water dripping out of your wing mirrors for hours after your car has been detailed.

This also quickly removes water from of hard to reach areas such as grills, doorjambs & engine bay areas where water can pool up & hide causing water spot staining & surface etching.

A professional approach to car detailing and a method that further assists in maintaining durability levels of paintwork coatings & wheel sealants, and many other delicate chrome parts & plastics surfaces.

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