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Metal Polishing

Cleaning & Polishing of Metal Surfaces.

We can professionally clean, polish & seal all kinds of metal surfaces, thoroughly removing all sediments, rust & oxidation. This process produces a high degree of gloss and offers effective long-term protection against further damage.

Here is an example of some before & after images taken from a vehicle restoration we completed on a 1965 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage. Now 50 years old, it’s a very rare & very expensive sort-after vehicle with all original parts. To fully refurbish all four wheels we completely removed all of the surface rust, pitting and oxidation, and then polished out any remaining surface imperfections. All four wheels were then sealed with a wheel sealant to protect the finish and providing durable long-term protection.

Wheel -rust -removal -perth

Wheel -refurbishment -perth

Metal Care & Protection. 

Original metal & chrome car parts and accessories are precious because in most cases (like this) they can be irreplaceable. It’s very common to find this style of wheel on classic cars, the main reason they are often in bad shape is because they are difficult to keep clean due to the spoke design. They are very care-intensive and require regular protection because of the chrome coating, which will corrode quickly when neglected. 

Applying a wheel sealant to new or newly refurbished wheels like this will protect the finish, keep them cleaner for longer and much easier to maintain when required.

Due to the complexity of these wheels (each wheel having 72 spokes) the time to thoroughly clean & polish each wheel “before” applying a protective wheel sealant, was approximately 4 hours per wheel. To completely restore and protect all 4 wheels and the 288 spokes took almost 20 hours, this is what they look like now.

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Car -metal -polishing

Aston -Martin -wheel

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