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Matt Finish Paint

Paint Protection for Satin Matt Paints.

Conventional polishes, waxes and insect removers should not be used on matt paintwork, they will most likely cause damage. We use Swissvax Opaque Wax, a specifically developed Paint Protection product for matt paintwork that will not damage the matt surface appearance. Swissvax Opaque wax is a premium wax for all satin matt paintwork types (including foils) and is available at SupaDetail.

Prices start from $1495.00 per vehicle. 

Swissvax -Opaque

It has a unique formulation including 40 Vol. % of pure Brazilian grade one carnauba wax that offers your automobile's satin matt paintwork thorough long term protection against all kinds of negative emissions, bug tar and fingerprints. 


Satin -Matt -Paintwork

Thanks to its proverbial ease of application and the perfect results it provides, Swissvax Opaque is very popular with private collectors and enthusiasts, including professional car detailers. We recommend waxing matt finish paintwork every 4 - 6 months. We stock this exclusive range of Swissvax "Opaque" products just for these rare cars.


Swissvax -Opaque -Kit
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