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Leather Care

Leather Glaze.

With a colourless protective layer of Swissvax Leather Glaze new leather will remain new for many years, drastically reducing any signs of wear. Nappa leather driver’s seats, steering wheels and gearshift knobs are places where car leather interior undergoes the most noticeable wear, even on new cars. The professional application noticeably reduces surface friction and gives added protection from jeans discolorations. All new leather interior surfaces should be protected to remain in mint factory condition.

Leather Cleaner.

We use Swissvax Leather cleaner, a highly effective gentle leather cleaner offering outstanding cleaning power. Its pH neutral tested formula comprises biodegradable active ingredients and is safe for regular nappa leather cleaning. It does not affect the leather itself or its colour, solvents tend to accelerate the process of aging and often also affect the leather colour. 

Here is an example of leather cleaning showing before & after results on leather interior seating.

Prices start from $330.00 per vehicle.

Before -&-After -Swissvax -Leather -Cleaner

Leather Conditioner.

Leather conditioning re-establishes and preserves the natural moisture of all kinds of nappa leathers. It will not change the leather's original colour and leaves no greasy residue even on very sensitive nappa leather surfaces. We use Swissvax Leather Milk applied with an applicator pad. After the leather surface has been thoroughly cleaned the leather absorbs the leather conditioner quickly.

Here is an example of leather cleaning before & after (Using my logo template on the surface of the leather seating before cleaning) 

Before -&-After -Swissvax -Leather -Cleaner

Leather Softener.  

There are two main reasons for leather getting hard, usually age and dryness. Without regular care leather will get stiffer and stiffer with age. A stiff leather can be softened again to a certain extend. The shrinking process of leather, however, is permanent and irreversible. In both cases a treatment with Leather Softener is advisable, as the shrinking of nappa leather can be stopped and stiff leathers can be rejuvenated.


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