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Fabric Treatments

Alcantara (Artificial Suede).

This material is used in many of todays modern sports/luxury cars as a lightweight but durable and attractive alternative to leather, found in many Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi, BMW and Mercedes interiors to name just a few. Its cleaning requirements are different to leather as it is a man made material whereas leather is a natural product. Therefore it is important not to use standard fabric cleaning methods. Leather cleaners and leather conditioners must also be avoided. We use Swissvax Alcantara car cleaner specifically developed for cleaning Alcantara interiors.

Fabric & Textile Cleaner.

A textile cleaning concentrate mixed with water to the desired strength. This offers thorough and effortless cleaning of fabric seats, carpets & headliners as well as textile convertible hoods. After this cleaning process we use Swissvax Lotos Protectant, a Protective surface barrier that repels water & liquids protecting fabric & textiles from further damage. This is the perfect long-term protection & waterproofing for convertible textile soft tops against all environmental impacts such as rain, road dirt, salt as well as insect- or bird droppings.

Here is an example of the protective surface barrier repelling water on fabric floor mats.

Prices start from $165.00 per vehicle.

Vehicle -Fabric -Protection

Its extremely effective formulation ensures a multi-annual lifespan with each application, which provides water repellence, water beading and protection properties that are far superior to conventional soft-top treatments known on the market today. It thoroughly adheres too and protects every fibre inside & out! Carpets and fabrics will repel liquid and water-based spills. Liquid simply ‘beads up’ on the surface of the seats or upholstery making it easy to wipe away without leaving stains or damaging fabrics.

Fabric -Carpet -Protection


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