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Welcome to SupaDetail.

Located in Nedlands primarily operating in Perth’s Western Suburbs, Mobile Car Detailing Services are available throughout Perth. We offer a premium range of professional car detailing & paint protection services to suit all vehicle types with options to suit your budget. Prices start from $198.00 per vehicle.

The SupaDetail brand is recognised throughout Perth for High-End Luxury & Performance Car Detailing and has previously gained interest Australia wide for its exceptional standard of quality in the professional car care & detailing industry. As the SupaDetail brand continues to grow we hope to provide both mobile car detailing as well as future workshop based detailing & restoration services, with further hope of continuing to travel Australia wide by request.

Aside from the daily detailing routine of modern day luxury & performance cars, please know we also have a huge interest in both Classic & Historic Vehicles. We can provide professional advice & assistance from parts and fitment to various levels of restoration. We understand the importance of originality and take every step necessary to retain the true history & value of your vehicle. Have a look throught the Gallery section by clicking here.

We'd love to hear from you regardless of your location and welcome any opportunity to work on your chosen vehicle.


Professional Car Detailing.

The reality is that to professionally detail & maintain any vehicle, it takes time. It can take anywhere between 6 and 8 hours in most cases of a new car detail, and that’s before any required machine polishing or paintwork protection applications. Anyone devoting less of a time to provide similar services may not be following correct procedures and are unlikely to achieve the desired professional results.

We firmly believe it takes as long as it takes to deliver the results your vehicle deserves, which is why we only ever book one new car detail per day, with pre-owned vehicles often taking longer. We have built a loyal client base by consistently delivering an exceptionally high level of work over time, which is why we have been in business for a number of years here in Perth. Every car we detail is a true example of our passion & love for detailing cars and essentially the shop window for our business. We do not compromise on quality.

With over 15 years experience in the car detailing & valeting industry, you're vehicle is in safe hands. Previously established in the UK we have been successfully operating in Perth since 2010.


High-End Detailing Services.

Luxury interior treatment details and expert machine polishing are just some of the high-end car detailing services you can expect from the team at SupaDetail. We often take bookings up to 2 - 4 weeks in advance for new car detailing, machine polishing & paintwork correction, which allows us to detail & protect your new car immediately upon your delivery.

If you've just ordered your new car and have an approximate delivery date, you can book in with the flexibilty of knowing we'll work with you to get your vehicle professionally detailed & protected ready for your handover. 

Our carefully chosen list of professional services and high level of commitment to quality & care has allowed us to work on some of the most cherished vehicles in Western Australia. Steve at SupaDetail understands that enthusiasts deserve the best, which is why he has been professionally trained in multi-stage machine polishing (paint correction) scratch removal and paint protection applications of various paintwork coatings.


Bookings & Availability. 

Detailing consultations are free with absolutely no obligation to secure a booking. This is an essential step before performing any of our high-end car detailing services and allows for every imperfection to be sighted, with a focus on providing every potential client with a thorough understanding of what can be achieved, also ensuring you feel comfortable that your vehicle is in safe hands.



On completion of any initial new car detailing service, the main focus for all vehicles detailed & protected by SupaDetail is to further provide a consistent high level of aftercare, professional maintenance. Many high performance & luxury cars can cost just as much as the average house in price, if not more and they will rapidly depreciate in value if they are not maintained correctly.

Our exclusive mobile car detailing services are designed around you and your daily driver or private collection of vehicles, which take away any future concerns you may have of maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis, as well as protecting your investment for the duration of ownership.


Advanced Training.

The SupaDetail team has been professionally trained in applying some of the most advanced paintwork waxes & sealants.

In 2012, Steve (SupaDetail Owner & Professional Detailer) was professionally trained in providing complete Swissvax car detailing and machine polishing as an Authorised Swissvax car detailer here in Perth.

SupaDetail established Paint Protection Australia in 2012 for the aknowledgment of his teams excellence in always adapting to the high level of care and attention to detail required when applying the most advanced paintwork coatings & vehicle after care.

If you see this logo on our Team shirts you immediatly know your chosen Detailer is fully trained in the appliction of After Care.


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